loissimbach self portrait arts center window display

loissimbach self portrait arts center window display

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

pen & ink sketches of couples

Began again my pen & ink drawings of couples interacting with eachother..
Kind of romance with friendship and sexuality feelings....somehow the hands
always come out larger than life ??  Perhaps it's my style logo trademark??
anyway as always they are unique to me!  I've already begun a line of
greeting cards with them, that I wish to market.  anyone out there have an
in with Hallmark or another giant publishing house?
later, lois simbach

Monday, June 27, 2011

Me, Myself, and I opening this friday July first

    This is it.!! Zero hour week for putting it all together for the Opening Evening Blow-out...  Lots of
Art Work is being delivered to the gallery and audience participation performance pieces are being
constructed... The window display is up and, I must say, is FABULOUS..... and the evenings events
are growing and growing, thanks to Terri for Face2Face....   I'll be in town every day preparing for
the opening and exhibit.. Thank You everyone for creating their self still have three days
to go !!!!!   see you ALL Friday evening July first at the Marshall Arts Center... Dress Theme is to
come as your "other" self....  ta da
lois simbach

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

simbach design: Me, Myself, and I

simbach design: Me, Myself, and I: "Call to all Madison County, NC artists.... Opening July 1st. 2011 - Self-Portraits of Madison County in 2011 - titled 'Me, Myself, and I'....."

Me, Myself, and I

Call to all Madison County, NC artists.... Opening July 1st. 2011 - Self-Portraits of Madison County in 2011 -
titled "Me, Myself, and I".. any media, any size...multi-media, performance, out-the-box, literary, fashion....
Any manner you want to portray yourself, but MUST be a "self" portrait. Pieces must be at the Arts Council the last week of June. Performance and such must meet with Arts Center's capabilities.
    Conceived as both an artistic exploration of SELF, and as a historical documentation of the people and talents in our community at the start of this new and fast moving decade.  Who's here now ?!!!?
    The exhibit will be up for 2 months July & August, during which several events involving participating artists will be scheduled and open to all.   call the arts center at 649-1301 for more info.
Curated by Lois Simbach

Friday, April 8, 2011

Ju-Ju Voo-Doo Dolls to New Orleans

     Coming up at the end of this month April is the annual Jazz Fest  in New Orleans.
I am busy busy sewing as many Ju-Ju Dolls to send to my Fabulous Accounts in the French Quarter,
RAZZLE DAZZLE  and BIJOU NOLA.  Both are beautiful shops run by Beautiful Women!!! right in
the heart of the quarter.  Go See.. and be sure to ask to see my Ju-Ju Dolls...I've been creating them
since the early 1980's.. each one is original and hand-made by Simbach Design..i.e. me!
     I am toying with variations and new Doll designs also, which I plan to list on ebay in the near future...
....I'll check to see exactly where they will be listed..perhaps a tag word will be "voodoo doll"?

     This is my concentration now for this SPRING month of April..Wild Flowers and Blossoms everywhere!
Lois Simbach 4-8-11