loissimbach self portrait arts center window display

loissimbach self portrait arts center window display

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Paintings at Zuma Coffee - a HIT

   Thank you all for the compliments about my new work...  I was so excited while painting that I was actually dancing about my studio...This new road feels good and I have already begun more and have plans for two new series...   I will be looking for more venues to exhibit, so if any galleries out there like what they see, please contact me... also if anyone has any other ideas to share, please do...I am wanting to expand!!!
ps..this saturday November 20th at 7 pm at our Local Arts Council here in Marshall... we are having another
Fashion Show.. put on by the local designers, using local models, and making everyone beautiful!!!  These have become annual and even twice annual performance events... My fashion juices are bursting and I am creating a new line of tapestry dresses and jumpers...  hope you can make it...
lois simbach

Saturday, October 30, 2010

artist statement for my painting exhibit

     For those of you who will not be able to find you way to Zuma Coffee in Marshall to see my new paintings.  Here are two versions of my artist statement that I will be posting on the wall...  I have choosen the top one.

Artist Statement:
     Emotions run deep in the forest.  They spring up from the earth to become waterfalls in the creek flowing across my face.
     The big questions can never be answered.
     I only ask for the strength and courage to continue and develop.
     This drives my work daily onward.
     Good friends push me to think bigger.  I thank you.  Keep pushing.
     The concentration it takes, the emotional excitement during these hours in the action of spontaneous painting, and the joy I receive looking at what has been created -  (by God, by Me, by Everyone) – I swear my heart will one day burst out of my chest in the wonderment and beauty of it all.
     lois simbach

Artist Statement:
     With a much needed kick in the pants from GOOD Friends, I am pushing myself to think bigger.  Studying many mentors to expand my little life here in the forest – where I can see the entire world in a one inch patch of dirt, realize our physical sameness in the veins of a leaf, and awaken to the awesomeness of god-stuff in the bear at my window.
     Sitting by my morning fireplace I am about to self-ignite with this new enthusiasm.  As the Thoreau quote, imbedded in cement on my home states, “Heaven is under out feet as well as over our heads.”
     These days Heaven is coming straight thru my arm into the
action of painting.
lois simbach

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

NEW Painting Exhibit at ZUMA in November 2010

I will be exhibiting my NEWEST art...large paintings....of Women's portraits..

 Opening friday, November 5th, 2010 at 5 to 8 pm at ZUMA Coffee & Gallery in
downtown Marshall, NC.... the show runs for the entire month of November.

     This is a new art form for me..Yes, I have painted tons of stuff, theater sets and
costumes, and billboards, and potholders.... but not actual paintings, more serious
stuff... It is very mentally exhausting, hard, challenging, and oh so very exciting!!!

I hope you can make it to ZUMA sometime in November to see my work!!!
oh and p.s. I'm looking for galleries outside my area to exhibit!!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Now I'm into My new decade!!

       Do I FEEL different??? Yes and no... energized about all my ideas and developing long list of
wants and goals to create and do...of course these I've been writing for years already.. Often feeling
that that task was useless, until of course things I've wanted began happening and completed!!!
      So onto the next item on my list... this site is living proof.  As are many gifts materializing.
      I thank all of you out there.

Friday, September 17, 2010

simbach's new blog ... hurrah

     This is it!  I am achieving one of my goals from my birthday list...
i.e. create a blog site to announce my numerous ideas and insights..
and especially the art work I create and have available for sale.
     Also this will be an announcement of the happenings going on
at the Think Tank Warehouse and Foreverland in downtown
Marshall, NC...the best little town ever.

A GIANT Thank You to Natasha Shealy for
helping me navigate this ether. Check out